Record Of Agarest War LE Opening

My copy of Record of Argarest War showed up yesterday, packaged in a bigger box than I had ever expected a 360 game to come shipped in. The outer packaging is embarrassing enough, with what seems like eleven-teen year old, half naked chicks taking up 90% of the giant game box – A impressive feat when considering the size and scale of most of these… images.

The limited edition comes with a mouse pad, soundtrack, and a pillow case. I, uh, don’t really have much use for 2 of the 3 bonus items, because, well, you know, the wife comes well stocked already. My wrist fits nicely between the jelly boobs, and while the 13 year old in me is screaming in satisfaction, I can’t help but feel embarrassed sitting with a “boobie” mouse pad on my desk.

Doesn’t hurt to give her a little squeeze though…. *checks to see if anyone is looking*

I was happy to find the soundtrack nicely packed in the game box. It has over 20 songs to listen to, almost coming in over an hour in length. Each track is on average 2 minutes long, which seems a little short, especially for a RPG soundtrack.

A nice surprise was finding the manual was printed in full color. There was an extensive character section towards the back, showing off the well done, and somewhat tasteful art that is showcased in the game.

Really, I should have just downloaded the game on PSN. I got a little confused in my research, and had thought the PSN version was Europe only. The game wasn’t overpriced at all, with a price that lined up well with other standard new releases. I hear the game is pretty crap, netting in some “sub half” scores on review sites, and claiming to have a very “grindy” reputation. I’ll hold those reservations for myself though. I was just happy to see another RPG release on 360, which is why I took the plunge on this one – Even if it meant breaking out of my comfort zone.

I hope the game isn’t this… open minded.


3 Responses to “Record Of Agarest War LE Opening”

  1. kog3100_edw Says:

    While I think it is awesome and amazing that a western release got that sort of packaging and bonus items, it is perhaps even more amazing that they went with that cover. Talk about catering to your wannabe-Japanese market. Imagining that cover literally sticking out from the shelf at a Gamestop or something (not likely I know) really appeals to the wake-the-herd part of my personality.

  2. Why you play crazy Justin? You loved your mousepad didn’t you? Don’t deny it mah boi.

  3. I tried loving it, but Imageshack didn’t like the idea.

    @Kog – You hit the nail right on the head dude.

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