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Missile Fury in HD

Posted in Video Games with tags , , on August 31, 2010 by Justinzero

I know it’s hearsay at this point, but I can’t ignore freaking out over tenative news like “A sequel to Justin’s favorite Dreamcast game is heading to XBLA.”

I’ve already played the crap out of Bangai-O 1 and 2, but relish at the chance to unleash tens of thousands of missiles, in HD of course, once again against insurmountable odds (F-U final boss!). I’m hoping it transfers well onto a wide-screen format, and it would be nice if it featured some form of online CO-OP. The last Bangai-O game was on the small screen, and, to me anyways, wasn’t as fun to play as the original. Perhaps it was the scope of destruction, or lack thereof, that put me off – A feature that made the first game seem so large, yet so very small at the same time. I’m all for more missiles… in HD.

If you hear anymore on this news, fake or true, drop a comment below.

Missile Fury!


Hatsune Who?

Posted in Video Games with tags , , on July 19, 2010 by Justinzero

“Sega was beset by ridiculous expectations but managed to craft an entertaining, energetic game that not only honors Miku and her fans, but allows those same fans to design and share their own rhythm game creations.”

Zig’s latest review delves into the musical genre on PSP, convincing me to order a game I never thought I’d enjoy. I just have to make sure my “cool” friends don’t see me playing.

You can catch Zig’s other reviews on his blog – Unlimited Zig Works

Mecha Battle Overload

Posted in Video Games with tags , , on June 28, 2010 by Justinzero

Take a gander at this:

And then explain to me why this isn’t here in NA yet. Really, I wish we still had a vibrant arcade scene, because this game looks amazing. It’s like VOOT, except bigger, brighter, cooler and much higher on the awesome scale. Ten VS Ten, fast paced robot action is exactly how I want to spend the next 50 weekends of my life, yet, sadly, I’ve got an overplayed HD version of VOOT to contend with, and I’m sure as hell not shelling out a bizzillion dollars on Steel Battalion for Xbox. Please Sega, throw us a bone here. Demo it for PC, or at the very least, port it to PS3 or 360.

Brush up on the game here and be sure to stop by Arcade Heroes for the original story.

Video Game Track – It’s good for the Skies

Posted in On A Personal Note, Video Games with tags , , , , on June 26, 2010 by Justinzero

Title: Battle 2
Game: Skies of Arcadia
Composed by: Yutaka Minobe & Takayuki Maeda

Out of every game I’ve played, I can honestly say, Skies of Arcadia is one of the best games that I’ve had the chance to run through. Everything about the game, and I mean everything, came together flawlessly to make up 2 of the best weeks in video gaming I’ve ever had the grace of experiencing. Of course, my thoughts on this game are completely relative to my personal preferences, and an admitted case of “playing in the right time, at the right place”. Instead of further Fan-Gushing my thoughts all over this post, I thought I’d link to a recent play-through review that sidebar buddy, Kog, put up a few weeks back. If you haven’t played Skies, you need to stop reading, head to ebay, and snag yourself a copy. At the very least, track the music down and spend an evening “geeking” out to some of the best RPG music the house of Sega built.

The Skies are Endless – KOG Fan-Ram Review

Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the Rieko Kodama

Posted in Video Games with tags , , , on April 24, 2010 by Justinzero

GameMagic Knight Rayearth
Song – Taflon by the Sea
Artist – Yayoi Wachi and Seiro Okamoto

This is one of the main town themes in the Rieko Kodama designed, Magic Knight Rayearth Sega Saturn game. Magic Knight Rayearth was my last Saturn purchase, oddly ended up as one of my favorite games for the platform. I first laid eyes on Magic Knight Rayearth in an issue of Gamefan way back in the 90’s, leaving a heavy impression, and leading me to become completely enthralled in anything to do with the game. I ended up getting both the English and Japanese releases, and after having finished both versions numerous times, I can safely say I feel it is easily one of my favorite video games. Granted, the title had its problems, and it wouldn’t really stack up all that well by today’s standards. The game hit me at the right place during the right time though, which many old fart gamefans should know, plays a huge roll in deciding which games have a lasting appeal. The music was absolutely fantastic, as was the 2d, Zelda-esque gameplay. Coupling these features with the Japanese anime overlay which was prevalent at the time, and we have the perfect mix of the type of game “90’s Justin” was into.

If you have this game, you already know what I’m talking about. If not, stop reading, head to ebay, and buy this game now!

Ahh hell, I know I don’t do this at all, but I can’t pass up on the opportunity to dump another track here. This next one is from one of the last dungeons, aptly named “Labyrinth in the Sky”.

Don’t have a Saturn? BUY ONE!

Buy the game on Ebay!

Did I mention how much I love this game?

Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the dreaming

Posted in Video Games with tags , , on April 20, 2010 by Justinzero

Game – NiGHTS into Dreams…
Song – Level Select (I’m too lazy to check the cd)
Artist – Tomoko Sasaki, Naofumi Hataya, Fumie Kumatani

*YAWN* So tired… Daily VGM Track helping lull me to sleep.

(Buy me on Ebay)

‘nite Goobs

Phantasy Star Universe is Offline

Posted in Video Games with tags , , , , on April 14, 2010 by Justinzero

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Sega held a final farewell online tonight, signaling the end of the Universe era in Phantasy Star. The Playstation 2 and PC versions cannot be played online as of tomorrow, with only the 360 version still running.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Phantasy Star fans, as we’ve already gone through the same line of events with Phantasy Star Online. I do wonder though, will Schthack pick up the slack again?

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PSU “improved” (depending who you ask) on PSO by adding a loose fighting engine, and a very deep item crafting feature. The game was kind of ported to the PSP a few years back, and is also available on XLBA (check the demo out!).

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