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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Posted in Anime with tags , , , on August 31, 2010 by Justinzero

I finally found a great way to reuse some of the old, unwanted, useless model trees that I’ve accumulated over the years.

Thanks psybuster


Unicorn Gundam RX-0 MG: Progress Post

Posted in Anime with tags , , , on March 29, 2010 by Justinzero

Summer is coming, which always means it is time to put the controller down so I can head outside and work on some model kits. I usually work through 6-7 kits before the season ends, starting off with a practice model to re-hone dormant skills. This year I chose to work on the titanium version of the Unicorn Gundam, which has an OVA series currently in production. This kit doesn’t need to be primed or painted, because it has already has a glossy pre-coat metallic paint applied to each exterior piece; A factory application which makes this kit very simple to construct. It’s a great way to warm up skills that get put away 7 months a year, while sparking interest in the hobby.

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I took my first crack at the model today, and was able to finish the head, torso, and both arms. Unfortunately, construction was halted due to a very stupid, and avoidable mistake on my part. Each piece needs to be cut from a plastic tree, and the left over “nub” needs to be cut off with a razor. Basically my finger wasn’t where it should have been, and I sunk the knife into the tip about 1/4″ deep. A mouthful of blood, tons of Kleenex, and a band-aid/tape combination was just enough to curb the bleeding.

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I’ll give my finger some rest tonight, because I’ll need it healed for tomorrow. I’m planning on fully finishing the model, leaving the tedious task of applying decals for the rest of the week. This model also has 2 forms, which means I’ll be sticking a few photos of both up. Keep your fingers crossed that I keep my fingers attached, and look forward to upcoming updates.

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