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Missile Fury in HD

Posted in Video Games with tags , , on August 31, 2010 by Justinzero

I know it’s hearsay at this point, but I can’t ignore freaking out over tenative news like “A sequel to Justin’s favorite Dreamcast game is heading to XBLA.”

I’ve already played the crap out of Bangai-O 1 and 2, but relish at the chance to unleash tens of thousands of missiles, in HD of course, once again against insurmountable odds (F-U final boss!). I’m hoping it transfers well onto a wide-screen format, and it would be nice if it featured some form of online CO-OP. The last Bangai-O game was on the small screen, and, to me anyways, wasn’t as fun to play as the original. Perhaps it was the scope of destruction, or lack thereof, that put me off – A feature that made the first game seem so large, yet so very small at the same time. I’m all for more missiles… in HD.

If you hear anymore on this news, fake or true, drop a comment below.

Missile Fury!