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The Impossible Possiblity

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You have got to be kidding me!?!

Really? Twitter is full?


Har Har Har and A Bottle Of Apple Juice

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Big companies say piracy is a problem. Others say they are simply “financially forced” into seeking out free-wares. The reason?

Someyoungguy: How lame, Yoko Shimomura did like two songs on the Xenoblade OST
Someyoungguy: not that I’ll let that bother me
Justinzero: lmao
Justinzero: yeah
Justinzero: you got it for free asshole
Justinzero: lol
Someyoungguy: Some people get way to caught up with that
Someyoungguy: Hahahaha, yeah
Someyoungguy: Piracy is golden
Justinzero: sigh
Justinzero: no pride!
Someyoungguy: I will buy stuff when I get money!
Someyoungguy: I’d rather enjoy it now though

This generation of youth seems to have forgotten the value in mowing lawns! Back in my day, we had to walk fifteen miles, in the snow no less, to mow lawns. Lawns that were on a hill, in the snow, and were fifteen miles in size!

Smarty Pants Game Company Says “Hands Off!”

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Natal is coming. Move is coming. Wiimotes already came.

Rare hasn’t figured out the easy to identify patten yet though, and hopes to wow crowds at E3 this year with a stand up explanation on “how hands free gaming is the (cue mystical voice) future-future-future”.

“everything you’ve learnt (sic – haha stupid head) over the last 25 years – throw it away!”

Riding on the 6 year old heels of their old boss, Rare hopes that gamers and stupid folk alike buy into their latest PR stunt, I mean, thoughtful public inclusion on the “up and up” involved in Natal gaming. In simple terms, they believe that doing this –

– is a hell of a lot more fun than doing this –

– and this –

– and this –

I guess when your company puts out classics like Kameo: Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero, it gives you the right to talk crazy. Rare wants us to forget and give up on everything we’ve “learnt” over the past 30 years. We’re lead to believe this is because Natal type gaming is going to revolutionize (Micro-geeks take note!) gaming. The sad reality behind these latest statements, which I’m hoping most of you picked up on, is a thinly veiled attempt at getting everyone to forget how shi**ty and unreliable Rare, as a company and driving market force, has become.

Smart Ass MoFos indeed.

Falling Down – This Time, The Irony Isn’t Funny

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Long story short, my cancer sick mom had a stroke, fell down some stairs, and is now all screwed up. This also means there isn’t anyone to take care of my youngest brother, who being Down Syndrome, has the ability to wipe his ass and make a sandwich, but couldn’t tell you his home phone number if his life depended on it. I’ve got to cart him to and from his daytime program, while trying to get some much needed studying done. Studying that is dependent on me passing a very important test with a June deadline. Failure of this test means I’m screwed for a whole year, having to wait for the next years opening, and working at some dead end job I don’t care for.

Hold the fort down, be nice, share your toys, and expect Big Macs when I return.


So if anyone wonders where I’ve been, now you know.

The best parting advice I can give: 3D Dot Heroes effin rocks, and should be very high on everybody’s pick up list.

*goes back to half-shitty life*

Woah There Cowboy!

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Life rears its ugly head once again (notice I’ve been afk lately?). I’m sick for the third time this year, bringing my brisk pace at life to a halt – Something that used to happen every 2 or 3 years. I’m convinced that I have over trained myself, ignoring the tell tale signs and warnings from friends. I’ve dropped my workout regimen to 3 days a week now, as well as upping my calorie intake, which was far lower than it should have been. Basically, for those who have an interest in fitness, I’ve hit what is called a “fat loss plateau“. My body has gotten used to working as hard as it has been, thus lowering my metabolism, which stops all fat stores from being burned properly. In fact, from what I’ve read, the current state of my body will burn hard earned muscle more than fat. Not exactly optimal when trying to shape up, is it?

When they say rest is the most important part of training, they meant it. Take it from me. Mentally, I’m pissed off and want to hit the gym as much as I can. The body and mind do wonders when working in unison, yet the opposite can also come to pass. The lesson here: Sometimes a day off with a bag of McDonalds is just what your body needs.

MMMMM 1500 Calories of awesomeness-ness

Just A Little More…More…More

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I’ve been hitting the books hard today, leaving me, sadly, with little time to work on here.

Worry not though, as updates here should pick up in the next while.

Bear with me for just a little more guys. I really appreciate it!

Thank God For Big Screen Television Standards

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Yeah, get out of the damn way!