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My Computer Has No Respect

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It’s been said that computers are only as smart as the person using them and for the longest time I couldn’t have agreed more. I think I spend nearly 16 hours a day using them, tirelessly completing all sorts of unproductive tasks ranging from reading/sending email to studying the finer details of kernel architecture. I push my machines hard, ask a ton from them and demand efficient results! I suppose you could call me a masochist, or better yet one of those “bad boyfriends” you hear about when you’ve hit the 2 month mark with a new lady (because that’s what every guy wants to hear about, no?), but who isn’t that way with their technology?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not always fair with my computers and can be unjustly harsh when they don’t do what I want. I have a concave keyboard on my macbook; A result of a crash that is, apparently or “without a doubt impossible” depending on who you ask, not supposed to happen on the scarf-happy Apple OS X. I guess you could call me a techno-tyrant. Whatever the case, the computer never talks back and is bereft of attitude. It’s a healthy relationship from my point of view (muahahah!), one that I’d hoped would never change.

It changed (See: Newton’s Law).

I was playing around in openBSD today, trying to get away from using a root account to do administrative tasks on that particular machine. This requires normal users to have access to sudo commands. All you have to do is add said user to the “wheel” group and edit a few lines using visudo which grants them access, or rather, THE POWER. A few commands and a couple minutes fighting with vi – five minute job at best. All that was left to do was test if my tinkering had worked. I figured an innocent DHClient to test the waters could do the trick.

Entered the command with sudo;
was prompted for my pass;
entered my pa~keyboard-fail;
insulted by my machine for typing the incorrect password;
entered my pass again properly……WTF!?!

Apparently, my computer thinks I’m dumber than a rutabaga. A flipping rutabaga. A turnip. That annoying vegetable that looks like a potato – tastes like a rutabaga. The bane of Asian soups the world over.

I have to admit, this had me laughing pretty hard. I did some checking and this is semi-common on Linux systems if you add the “insult” parameter to the sudoers file. I combed through the openBSD version and couldn’t find it which either means I’m dumb (rutabaga dumb!) or the system just insults you by default.

Check this page out for info on how to turn this on in Linux.

Has anyone else seen this? What distro of *nix or better yet, Windows?


Rondevu Point

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A new post!?! Can it be true???

Yes, I’ve finally found enough free time from my “always busy” life to sit down with Sc’oober and do a quick post. Those who’ve read this blog from day one know that I ended up heading back to school, which, much like the George Lucas with the green side of the force, has consumed my life leaving little time for, well, anything (See: Dinner at Oprah’s).

I also moved into a house and just this last weekend set up my mancave! I’m missing a ton of games and all of my stuff is totally disorganized. I still managed to plug my Saturn in for a few hours of Metal Slug and worked 6 hours into Albert Odyssey – I really missed video games.

For now, you can catch up with me over at thatboardwithnoname or post here. I do see the messages.

On a personal note:

I’m really sorry I haven’t replied to the 42356435 messages you sent me across 4 mediums (You’re a diligent guy. You should go into P.I. work.)

The Impossible Possiblity

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You have got to be kidding me!?!

Really? Twitter is full?

A New Challenger Approaches

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I think that big Gundam in Tokyo finally met his match.

Only in my dreams. Only in my dreams.

Cherry Pie Is Always Good

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This song totally rules.

Har Har Har and A Bottle Of Apple Juice

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Big companies say piracy is a problem. Others say they are simply “financially forced” into seeking out free-wares. The reason?

Someyoungguy: How lame, Yoko Shimomura did like two songs on the Xenoblade OST
Someyoungguy: not that I’ll let that bother me
Justinzero: lmao
Justinzero: yeah
Justinzero: you got it for free asshole
Justinzero: lol
Someyoungguy: Some people get way to caught up with that
Someyoungguy: Hahahaha, yeah
Someyoungguy: Piracy is golden
Justinzero: sigh
Justinzero: no pride!
Someyoungguy: I will buy stuff when I get money!
Someyoungguy: I’d rather enjoy it now though

This generation of youth seems to have forgotten the value in mowing lawns! Back in my day, we had to walk fifteen miles, in the snow no less, to mow lawns. Lawns that were on a hill, in the snow, and were fifteen miles in size!

Happy 144th Canada Day

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wOOt for Canada! Short update for today Goobs, as I spent the entire day relaxing “my way”, which, coincidentally, is also Canadian in nature. Half of my day was spent in the confines of my shed, working on my current, unannounced project. The 2nd half was spent downing a healthy mixture of fine Scotch (Glenlivet 12 year!) and Bud Light, watching 5 hours of CFL, while being sustained by a constant stream of Bagel Bites and Chips – A fine day indeed.

At the end of my day now, I’ve got about 15 youtube windows open, tired eyes, and a minor case of the wobblies. Prepare for randomness-ness; In its purest form.

Ranma 1/2 OVA opening – No better way to bring me back to the fine, innocent, care free days of Junior High

Crazy Guy Is Mad At Closing Time
– Sigh… Toronto – Figures. (Thanks Smithee)

And finally, a fine example of the new Laser Cancel System in the new DDP game. (Thanks Chao)

Right! My PS3 Media Server is queued up with hours of Anime TV fun, meaning my time here is done. Catch you guys tomorrow.