Har Har Har and A Bottle Of Apple Juice

Big companies say piracy is a problem. Others say they are simply “financially forced” into seeking out free-wares. The reason?

Someyoungguy: How lame, Yoko Shimomura did like two songs on the Xenoblade OST
Someyoungguy: not that I’ll let that bother me
Justinzero: lmao
Justinzero: yeah
Justinzero: you got it for free asshole
Justinzero: lol
Someyoungguy: Some people get way to caught up with that
Someyoungguy: Hahahaha, yeah
Someyoungguy: Piracy is golden
Justinzero: sigh
Justinzero: no pride!
Someyoungguy: I will buy stuff when I get money!
Someyoungguy: I’d rather enjoy it now though

This generation of youth seems to have forgotten the value in mowing lawns! Back in my day, we had to walk fifteen miles, in the snow no less, to mow lawns. Lawns that were on a hill, in the snow, and were fifteen miles in size!


5 Responses to “Har Har Har and A Bottle Of Apple Juice”

  1. Huh? I wonder who that is.

    Well, I want a job, and I should have more of a drive for it, sure.

    But like, it is hard to justify. It is impossible to justify.

    I can’t justify it.

    Piracy is illegal, but I don’t believe in the law on a certain sense. I believe in doing the right thing morally, to my own accord, more than I believe in what the man tells me to do or not do.

    And I know, for a fact, when I have the money, I will happily buy these things, but I am forced to tier what I want now, what I will have later, what I can have now but not legitimately, and what I already own but haven’t enjoyed.

    That’s not the order I put it in, I’m just saying I have to consider all of that. And eventually, I will own it all, I suppose.

    Fuck it.

  2. Buy a Lawn Mower! XD

    Or hell, even a jolly ol’ paper route!

    Wait, did you just “out” yourself? I’m still calling you someyounguy.

  3. I thought it was “WENDY’S!!!!!” I should go for, man!

    You’re a choicer-changer, you sunnuvabitch you!


  4. Share yo booty yo pirate!

  5. Jason X Says:

    It’s odd, I get really upset when people steal games, but I fully understand why people wouldn’t want to pay for music. It’s just too much of a gamble. $10 – $18 on something that will MAYBE have three good tracks? No thank you. Plus I’m not going to lose any sleep over all of the money that 50 Cent doesn’t get whenever I steal his albums.

    Game soundtracks are just about as bad, too. $50 and up for the major ones. That’s money that could be spent on more games. I’ll say this much, though, it’s still wrong to steal. No one is entitled to entertainment.

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