Happy 144th Canada Day

wOOt for Canada! Short update for today Goobs, as I spent the entire day relaxing “my way”, which, coincidentally, is also Canadian in nature. Half of my day was spent in the confines of my shed, working on my current, unannounced project. The 2nd half was spent downing a healthy mixture of fine Scotch (Glenlivet 12 year!) and Bud Light, watching 5 hours of CFL, while being sustained by a constant stream of Bagel Bites and Chips – A fine day indeed.

At the end of my day now, I’ve got about 15 youtube windows open, tired eyes, and a minor case of the wobblies. Prepare for randomness-ness; In its purest form.

Ranma 1/2 OVA opening – No better way to bring me back to the fine, innocent, care free days of Junior High

Crazy Guy Is Mad At Closing Time
– Sigh… Toronto – Figures. (Thanks Smithee)

And finally, a fine example of the new Laser Cancel System in the new DDP game. (Thanks Chao)

Right! My PS3 Media Server is queued up with hours of Anime TV fun, meaning my time here is done. Catch you guys tomorrow.


One Response to “Happy 144th Canada Day”

  1. Jason X Says:

    Laaanma! God, I love that show.

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