Meeeeow – Ishtar Arrives

She finally found time to get off her rump! Obviously, her leg is in good working order, which is a wonder after what I pulled today. I almost, and I mean by a hair, drilled through her leg this morning. While prepping for the leg>base pin, I pushed on the dremel a tad harder than I should have. Crisis averted though, as the bit length wasn’t enough to puncture through the outer layer of her boot. In other words, “Thank Fooking God!”

I’m still not done though (sigh). I made some nasty scratch marks on the base while trying to pull out a stuck, and very crooked, nail. There is also some minor paint touch ups along the edges of the black that need fine tuning. I’m sure I forgot to do it before last winter, which is when I first started the kit. The color scheme has totally grown on me, lending more weight to the future possibility of custom work on later kits. I used to be a stickler for being completely loyal to any characters original color scheme, admittedly, in snobby traditional fashion. In the end though, I’m glad I made the color choices I did, and hope you like them too.

Apart from putting the finishing touches on my Guyver III, my geek-ridden life is somewhat put to a halt today due to the final entrance exam that I’m planning on tackling. Once the exam is out of the way, I’ll have 2 months of heat, relaxation, and free time before having to trek to school on a daily basis. Expect the nerdery to kick into high gear Goobs, because once September hits, chiming life’s beckon call, the free time available for cool stuff will be a fraction compared to what I have now.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that a new project is on the horizon. One that some very old school Sega CD fans will appreciate. The one clue I can offer (apart from the one I just dropped 😛 duuur) is that I owe its discovery to the Waxing Sage, who was thoughtful enough to know I’d go bat-shit crazy once it became available.



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