Video Game Track – It’s good for the Skies

Title: Battle 2
Game: Skies of Arcadia
Composed by: Yutaka Minobe & Takayuki Maeda

Out of every game I’ve played, I can honestly say, Skies of Arcadia is one of the best games that I’ve had the chance to run through. Everything about the game, and I mean everything, came together flawlessly to make up 2 of the best weeks in video gaming I’ve ever had the grace of experiencing. Of course, my thoughts on this game are completely relative to my personal preferences, and an admitted case of “playing in the right time, at the right place”. Instead of further Fan-Gushing my thoughts all over this post, I thought I’d link to a recent play-through review that sidebar buddy, Kog, put up a few weeks back. If you haven’t played Skies, you need to stop reading, head to ebay, and snag yourself a copy. At the very least, track the music down and spend an evening “geeking” out to some of the best RPG music the house of Sega built.

The Skies are Endless – KOG Fan-Ram Review


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