It’s Alive – Reviving my Blitz Gundam

127 hours after first plugging Monster Hunter Tri in and I think I’ve finally felt the first pang of boredom with the game. Leaving me with some actual free time to delve into other hobbies, I’ve taken on the task of finally (it’s been a few months, I know) fixing up those broken kits I posted a while back. The first kit, and by far the easiest to fix, was the Blitz Gundam. Only needing a slight drop of glue to reassemble the head piece, Blitz was back in standing (har har) order in no time.

Still in pieces, Guyver III is drying off on my counter after a much needed “liquid dust removal” process, and my Ishtar is laying in wait, seductively of course, while her new glue applications dry.

Check back tomorrow (I mean it!) for, what I hope, is the tail end of this repair job.


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