Free Jewels Till Monday!

Guess where I got this image from? Don’t worry kids, I’m hosting this copy on my end.

If you like iPhones (or at the very least, reluctantly have one that was given as a gift), like Puzzle Quest and like things for free, then rejoice and revel in the knowledge that until this coming Monday, Puzzle Quest: Chapters 1 and 2 are free, free, free on the iTunes store. The third chapter, which completes the game, is still just a few bucks, making a full game purchase as simple as throwing a few bucks at a local busker (take THAT hippy!!).

I unfortunately have to relegate my copy to my HDD, as sadly, I’m not cool enough to own an iPod Touch or iPhone at the moment. Instead of throwing down 2 months of Asian factory wages on the stupid thing, I decided to hold out on a free (there’s that magic word again kids!) deal for the phone – They’ll do anything to get me to renew my contract.

Click the iTunes link to get your Puzzle Quest on.

ITUNES – Puzzle Quest Free

H/T – Siliconera


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