Smarty Pants Game Company Says “Hands Off!”

Natal is coming. Move is coming. Wiimotes already came.

Rare hasn’t figured out the easy to identify patten yet though, and hopes to wow crowds at E3 this year with a stand up explanation on “how hands free gaming is the (cue mystical voice) future-future-future”.

“everything you’ve learnt (sic – haha stupid head) over the last 25 years – throw it away!”

Riding on the 6 year old heels of their old boss, Rare hopes that gamers and stupid folk alike buy into their latest PR stunt, I mean, thoughtful public inclusion on the “up and up” involved in Natal gaming. In simple terms, they believe that doing this –

– is a hell of a lot more fun than doing this –

– and this –

– and this –

I guess when your company puts out classics like Kameo: Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero, it gives you the right to talk crazy. Rare wants us to forget and give up on everything we’ve “learnt” over the past 30 years. We’re lead to believe this is because Natal type gaming is going to revolutionize (Micro-geeks take note!) gaming. The sad reality behind these latest statements, which I’m hoping most of you picked up on, is a thinly veiled attempt at getting everyone to forget how shi**ty and unreliable Rare, as a company and driving market force, has become.

Smart Ass MoFos indeed.


One Response to “Smarty Pants Game Company Says “Hands Off!””

  1. Jason X Says:

    I’m praying to god that Natal falls flat on its face. The fact that you have to stand (!!!) to use it is certainly not going to go over well with the masses.

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