Daily Something-or-Other – Blood Reign

Take a gander at this old school trailer for a very, at the time of its western release, hard to find anime:

Nobody, and I mean even the open minded Chinese shops downtown, carried this anime back when the trailer first hit. I searched high and low for a copy, only to find my time spent sifting through random episodes of Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Kero-Kero-Keropi – Not exactly the what I was looking for. It should come as no surprise that a 13 year old Justin was completely sucked in by this trailers’ healthy combination of ninjas, demons, Japanese cartoon damsels in distress, all mashed together in a one minute trailer, backed with a haunting, yet eerily alluring, vocal “folk lore” (apparently akin with hits like “London Bridge is Falling Down”) tune of days long since gone.

Years later I was able to snag a copy on DVD from the ‘bay, and was more than delighted to find that my decade old expectations were not only satisfied, buy blown away. Easily a signature title in an era of anime that has sadly become retro, Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma is a must own title that isn’t afraid of breaking any barriers. The graphical imagery has immense staying power and when mixed with the fantastic pacing, works to create one of the best hours in animation to be purchased and enjoyed.


I saved you the effort of having to sift through and endless list of Slayer auctions.

Click here for a seller with more than ten copies.


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