You are about to die, so knowing my name is useless to you.

Yes Goobs, I’m still away, hidden somewhere in northern cow country, probably slouching against some wall smoking a nice cigar. This doesn’t mean I don’t still love you though. Enjoy the first ten minutes of probably one of the greatest pieces of animation ever drawn. Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal absolutely rocks, will entertain any and all into samurai lore, and should strike an emotional chord with anyone sporting half a brain (that means me! It does!). Someone awesome upped the entire movie on Youtube, so sift through the rest of the spliced up parts if you have a free hour. You really should watch this film. It changed my life. I dropped out of college, grew a beard, voted green and started wearing hemp…. I kid, I kid. It is a great film though, so take the opportunity to see it free before the “MAN” takes it down.

Somewhat of a warning though: This is totally NSFW and NSFK(ids). Blood and ever graphic displays of samurai justice; The kind we all love and enjoy.

“You are about to die, so knowing my name is useless to you.”

If I was going to kill someone, I’d totally say that first. Even if they knew me.


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