Can’t Be 2 Places At Once – Friday’s Girl of Gaming

Lucky ol’ me has a wedding to go to this weekend. Not a big deal, sure, but trying to fit any leisure time in while driving 5 hours north of Calgary doesn’t really leave all that much free time for yours truly. So things here may be slow, well, slower than they have been. There is a positive side to all this though. I had to pick up USA branded family from the airport tonight, which always includes a nice stop over at the Calgary YYC arcade. There were quite a few neat games to jam on, some pinball machines, and one hell of a neat light-gun game. I took quite a few shots too, so keep an eye out early next week.

Anywho, enjoy the weekend guys! I’ll be ether on the road, or right pissed up for most of mine. Gotta remember to take that DS with me; It’s what the system is meant for after all.


PS – Uh, make an old man happy. Go pick up an uber cheap copy of Little King Story. I got mine from Wallyworld (Walmart for overseas Goobs) for a cheap $30, brand new, with the wrapping, and the ever famous Walmart smile.

I could write a cheeky comment, but, uh, the wife is right behind me. And in case you were wondering, yeah, I’m cheapin’ out with the gaming girl this week. All of us in the video game purchasing business have come to know Ms. Tonya quite well. Not as well as most of us would like, but enough to garner that smile.


3 Responses to “Can’t Be 2 Places At Once – Friday’s Girl of Gaming”

  1. First time i hear about this Tonya girl, but so far i’m liking what i see.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a walmart employee that attractive, ever.

  3. Jason X Says:

    They wear fishnets at Wal-Mart now? Considering the average age and weight of their female employees, I can’t think that this was a smart move…

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