In The Spirit Of The Festivities

Ever play this? Well you should!

Between required bouts of Pac Man today, make sure to feed buttons into one of the 2 versions of Super (get that, SUPER!) Empire Strikes Back. There is the cool, classic, and timeless cart to meddle with, as well as the simple to find Virtual Console release (which people said was useless, HA!).

I liked SESB far more than the follow up, Super Return of the Jedi, because you were given almost 3 times the force powers, and the game was a tad harder. Plus, the fight with ol’ Helmut Blackmoor is much better to play through in this version.

*Grabs Star Wars blanket, pulls out SNES, and relives nerd childhood*

Ahhh, today is a good day.


One Response to “In The Spirit Of The Festivities”

  1. Jason X Says:

    The internet is with you, young Justin…but you are not a Jedi yet. The Super games were good back in the 90s because that’s all we had to choose from. I’d say they’re about as irrelevant now as the Special Edition releases of the actual movies.

    Just my two cents, though.

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