He’s Getting Old Folks. Pac Man Is 30 Today!

30 years ago today, a game entered the market that forever changed how people in the 80’s spent their leisure time. Bags of marbles lay astray on front lawns, wood panel crt televisions cast the unreceived glow of sitcoms left unwatched, and little Billy’s pigskin (given to him on his 12th birthday!) began collecting dust at a rate that seemed to rival Earth’s gravitational pull, all because of a little pixalated circle that could.

Chomping at what we refereed to in the 80’s as, shreddies, Pac Man quickly earned himself (and his girlfriend a few years later) top recognition as one of 80’s arcade’s greatest video game offerings. The simple and hectic game play is still additively fun today. Don’t believe me? Head on over to google.ca or .com and wait a few seconds.

The banner title at the top should spring to life, signaled by the abrupt beginning of that overtly familiar starting theme. Maneuvering Pacman through Google’s custom board is done simply by using the directional keys on your keyboard. I chomped around with the flash game for a bit, scoring in the mid 10000’s by the time I died.

My first serious foray with Pac Man started in a little, long since gone, dive called, Meats n Treats. They had candy, hot dogs, Micheal Jackson tunes, and a shizton (that is a word, I swear!) of arcade cabinets. My mom liked spearheading any success in my education by feeding me rewarding quarters for good homework marks. Don’t ask me how I did it, but I ended up never doing any homework, and somehow managed to become pretty damn good at Pac Man – Even if I had to use a stool (See: Child Prodigy).

Even if by doing so, you end up somewhat dating yourself, be sure to spend some time with Pac Man today. He can be found on various Namco collections, as well as certain seedy arcade dives. Worst case scenario is a trip to google, which I’m sure 90% of you do numerous times a day. Unless you’re a bing fan, then you’re left with… search results and pictures of birds; Hours of fun, I’m sure!

Happy Birthday Pac Mac, you overeating, never gaining a pound, bound by your walls, kind of guy. Thanks for all the good times.

Speaking of getting old….


One Response to “He’s Getting Old Folks. Pac Man Is 30 Today!”

  1. Jason X Says:

    Wonder if they ever released that Super Arcade series on DVD. Now that was…shizzy.

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