Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the Crash

Game – Devil Crash
Track – Devil


2 Responses to “Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the Crash”

  1. Yesterday I left a message for ECM on his blog. I waited until the post was a day or so old just to avoid arguing with anyone else on the subject. I really was naive enough to think that he and only he would take the time to check up on two day old topics to see if there were any new comments. What I wrote did not concern you, but that didn’t stop you from turning into a miniature flame war that I’m sure ultimately dissuaded ECM from even responding to my post to begin with.

    But that’s not why I’m posting here right. I’m posting here to call you a coward. Anyone can talk smack and belittle someone, treating them like they’re stupid and don’t even know what they’re talking about (“duh..what are you really arguing, anyway”?).

    YOU started something. YOU asked questions, but then walked away, shrugging it off because I’m just some crazy idiot going on and about Mario or something. It was never any of your business to begin with, but you made it your business. If you have any decency whatsoever you will not drop this. You will not pretend that you did not seriously get ticked off at me yesterday and waste over an hour of my time going back and forth in the comments on Waxing Erratic. I don’t expect a response from you here, but I am leaving my e-mail address. Nothing pisses me off more than someone who has the gall to disregard nearly everything I said, only honing on a few points (my mentioning Nintendo’s impact with Wii Sports, for example) and smugly walking away as if he has somehow “won”. Please e-mail me and finish this:


  2. Quick! Look! Some guy who posted his opinion publicly is feeling sorry for himself! Call the police! Alert CNN! Stop the presses!

    Dude, chill out.

    #1 – If your sensational comments are for one persons eyes only, send him an email.

    #2 – I didn’t run away from you, I went to the bank and went on with my day. You know, got on with my life, ate dinner, watched some TV. People stuff.

    #3 – It isn’t my fault he didn’t respond. You should really, and I mean really, read his comment.

    #4 – I didn’t start anything. I only responded to a public comment I didn’t agree with. Deal with it.

    #5 – It isn’t smart to post your email publicly. You know, spam bots and all that jazz.

    #6 – There is no point in carrying on this “conversation”. Anyone offering a different view than yours is obviously wrong. I suppose I just have a warped idea of how nostalgia impacts my view on games. Ether way, beating a dead horse would merit better results. I’m just not interested.

    Lesson to be learned here kids: If you are really sensitive about how “smrt” you are, don’t post it publicly.

    Any further comments, or questions should be followed up with everyone’s favorite kung fu hippy from gangsta city, Poochy, who I’m sure is more than willing to enlighten everyone on the finer points of taking things too seriously.

    In case you missed it in his first comment, Email him here: mattbrsrd@gmail.com

    Expect more to follow!

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