Wow, I Totally Didn’t See This Coming!… No, Really -_-

You’ll never guess what 2 games got announced today. No Really, you’ll never guess. The always secretive XSeed says they are bringing over Sora no Kiseki and Ys something-or-other to the US. Officially. Facebook officially. For real this time. I’m not kidding. No stupid cryptic “advertising” – Although some prior knowledge with each series would be helpful ie. Wall Crusher, and Spinach Fiend.

Somehow I should be more excited than I am feeling right now. This is a facebook announcement after all, and anyone interested in each series should have already seen this coming. Anyone else miss when game companies dropped awesome info out of nowhere? Hype engines are getting old. Or rather, I’m getting old, and I just don’t have the patience for cryptic teasing.

Ether way, F’in woot on Sora No Kiseki coming here (maybe… says facebook).

Oh yeah, make sure you buy Ivy the Kiwi? too. It’s pretty damn sweet.

NOTE: I checked XSeed’s website, and there isn’t a smidgen of info about this. Maybe Siliconera has another stupid puzzle to “solve”. I’m too lazy to check.

*Back to 3D Dot Heroes*

UPDATE: Stumbled across an interview with XSeed on RPGamer – Enjoy


6 Responses to “Wow, I Totally Didn’t See This Coming!… No, Really -_-”


    Now normal people will finally have some idea WTF I’ve been banging on about! 😀

  2. hahaah, yeah I cannot wait to jam on SnK. Would you be willing to jam on it again in English?

  3. Willing? I;m seriously thinking of buying doubles just to help the sales figures!

  4. hahahah, I expected no less from, who I personally believe, is the biggest overseas fan of Sora No Kiseki.

    Maybe we can get a jam going or something.

  5. Oh no there are bigger SnK fans than me out there, I’m just the crazy lady with the Estelle avatar 🙂

  6. Finally Ys 7 here, and Sora no Kiseki is very much welcome.

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