Woah There Cowboy!

Life rears its ugly head once again (notice I’ve been afk lately?). I’m sick for the third time this year, bringing my brisk pace at life to a halt – Something that used to happen every 2 or 3 years. I’m convinced that I have over trained myself, ignoring the tell tale signs and warnings from friends. I’ve dropped my workout regimen to 3 days a week now, as well as upping my calorie intake, which was far lower than it should have been. Basically, for those who have an interest in fitness, I’ve hit what is called a “fat loss plateau“. My body has gotten used to working as hard as it has been, thus lowering my metabolism, which stops all fat stores from being burned properly. In fact, from what I’ve read, the current state of my body will burn hard earned muscle more than fat. Not exactly optimal when trying to shape up, is it?

When they say rest is the most important part of training, they meant it. Take it from me. Mentally, I’m pissed off and want to hit the gym as much as I can. The body and mind do wonders when working in unison, yet the opposite can also come to pass. The lesson here: Sometimes a day off with a bag of McDonalds is just what your body needs.

MMMMM 1500 Calories of awesomeness-ness


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