When Video Games Win

Face glued to my DSiXL, buttons frantically pressed as my brain sends often late signals to my fingers, and the common outburst of curse words accompanying the game over screen; Things aren’t going so well for me and my current romp with Ketsui DS. Unlocking all but one mode, I’ve been stuck on Very Hard for almost a week now, which is the exact same place I ended up putting the game down at when I first got the game last year. My issue, one that I’m sure many people experience in this genre, is stupid, completely avoidable mistakes. Errors that should, and could be avoided, yet happen thanks to over-thinking, nerves, and getting angry when I should be maneuvering in a calm state. Kind of like this guy:

Studying his footage offers some great pointers, such as much needed safe spots, when and where to shoot, and how I should be using my bombs. I suppose it’s cheating, innocently in some fashion, but I’m at my wits end. Like watching some older game guru at an arcade, I’ve taken to learning by watching, hoping I can finally beat this stupid level, and bring a close to this very awesome, highly portable, and uber-difficult DS SHMUP.


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