Do You Know When Mario Galaxy 2’s Release Date Is? ~ 2 Weeks ~ Excuse Me? ~ 2 Weeks

You know what’s awesome about today? Look at the calender, watch the video below, and then revel in an abundance of fandom with me.

Less than a couple of weeks folks. Mario Galaxy 2 drops on May 23rd in North America and looks to be quite an improvement (if you can believe it) on the first title.

From what I’ve seen and read, the game is harder than the first title, features many more levels, and allows the use of Yoshi and Luigi (well, hopefully without having to get all of the available stars first).

The “home base” area has also been ditched in favor of a more traditional level select map, a la Super Mario 3, which I’m guessing will help to streamline the game more; Not that I really mined wandering around that star city from the first one. Much to my delight, Nintendo went crazy with the soundtrack again, opting for a fully orchestrated set of tracks to fill the game with instead of a synthetic album.

If you haven’t already (shame on you!), I highly suggest slapping a pre-order down on this badboy. I can’t see stores running out of copies, nor is there any special pack in item included to woo (sp?) would be buyers (See: Packing in “treats” to distract would be, “smrt” gamers from the idea, sorry, reality that the game purchased is ass. IE Lunar PSP, Record of Agarest War), rather just the incentive that you will be jamming on the sequel to, what I personally believe is, one of the best games of this gaming generation.



Europe – You know, thinking about it now, I’m really not too sure what the best place to snag games online in Europe is. Someone care to enlighten?


I myself am an ice dweller and damn proud to be, although admittedly, I do have a tendency to look like those 2 guys.

And before I get the hate mail about the Lunar, ROAW quips, I myself fell victim to the pre-order ploy, have ran through most of Gamefarts latest debauchery, and plan on giving ROAW a good chance.

– Disgruntled Lunartard


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