I Swear I’ve Seen This Before

Ahh the joys of getting a 16 bit system for Christmas. I don’t seem to get the same feeling from console Christmas presents anymore, nor am I ever excited on a level that these kids seem to be on. Maybe I should send myself a Sega Genesis this year, pack in a second controller, and even surprise myself by hiding Road Rash in the box somewhere.

Ahhh… to be a kid again.


One Response to “I Swear I’ve Seen This Before”

  1. Jason X Says:

    I went to visit my mom last summer for some random reason. She took me out to the garage, acting all excited about some treasure she found while mucking around the heaps of boxes stacked from floor to ceiling. It was a Sega Genesis, MK II, complete with box, controller, cables, everything.

    The thing is, I already have my Genesis. It was one of the first things I had her ship out to me when I moved away to college. I have no freaking clue where she got this other one, let alone what made her think it was mine.

    Some mysteries will just never be solved.

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