Friday’s Girl Of Gaming – Let’s Get Physical, Physical

It’s Friday!!!!!!!!!

The weekend is here once again folks! This week though, I wish Friday hadn’t have come so fast. I’m running out of time for an end of May test deadline that I need to study for. Studying isn’t so much the problem, rather it is finding ways to avoid the other facets of life that keep creeping into my schedule. Remarkably, I’ve still found some time to run through a couple games over the last few days. I burned through Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure, which was a bit of a surprising experience. Dragon Ball games are usually pretty bad, very drawn out and convoluted to the point of sometimes being unplayable. This game however was the exact opposite. The classic type game play was exactly what the doctor ordered, by offering a huge contrast from three mega RPGs I’ve been buried in the recent weeks.

The pallet cleanse brought a simple realization to light: I need to spend more time on the old, classic stuff. Immersing myself in multiple RPGs was not a good idea, and I will be very careful not to repeat that mistake. I’m a sensational guy. You could go as far to say I’m whimsical. Ether way, there is a lesson to be learned here: Don’t start too many big games all at once. You wont end up enjoying them the way they should be.

I’m just as busy this weekend as I have been throughout the week. Being on the move over the next few days means I’ll be leaning on my DSiXL for all my gaming time – Not so much a problem, had I not lost my 2nd DSi charger. I need to hit up Walmart for a new one, because I’ve surpassed the solid red battery indicator a few days ago. I don’t even think the damn thing would turn on! Jumping on the bandwagon ushered in by The Waxing Sage, I’ve decided to put, or should I say attempt (damn batteries!), some time with Ivy the Kiwi?. XSeed just announced the localization of the game, via Twitter and Facebook no less, meaning most of us will get to jam on this, as of today, Japan only release sometime in the near future. From what I’ve heard though, the game is very import savvy, demanding little to no Japanese language knowledge to enjoy the game. In contrast to Ivy, Ketsui DS has been roaring away in my XL. I put the battery crisis blame solely on this game, as I’ve been working hard at trying to pass it in whatever spare time I’ve manged to eschew. 75% of this game is stupidly easy, causing me to wonder why the price tag is as high as it is. Being a “boss battle” kind of game, it is easy to slog it off as passable, even overlooking it under the assumption that the game, in general, isn’t finished. While I’m not quick to disagree with that assumption, I can’t help but feel the game is somewhat worth its weight in plastic. The last 3 difficulty modes (the game progresses and changes by difficulty) are very well put together and offer a challenge that only the hardened SHMUP fan will be able to traverse. The XL screen does make the game a tad easier to work with, working well with my current skill set with the game. I may, and this is a big “may”, actually be able to finish off Doom Mode one day; Some say it is impossible, but my resolve remains strong.

90% of the wife’s (pending) family has come into Calgary, meaning I’ll be busy busy busy, and very far from my computer. The weather is supposed to be great though, so head outside, chase a car, yell at an old person, defecate on someones lawn, and get tons of rest. Okay, maybe just put the BBQ on and grab a sixer (haha).

Before I forget though, Friday’s Girl Of Gaming this week is Diet Girl, of Diet.Com fame. She did that Photoshop interview I had up here last week, as well as some really great WiiFit review vids. The best one though, coming in this week as the main pick, is the EA Sports Active review video. After I watched the vid, I quickly went out and bought the game for my favorite lady. Needless to say, the results, from the couch anyways, were fantastic… and flexible.

“Okay now, Squat! and Up! and Squat! and Up!”

Have a great weekend Goobs!


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