Video Game Classics 100% Concentrate

Stumbled upon a really great band called, The Gameboys. Their forte is obviously playing live renditions of classic video game tunes, with a catalog ranging from Donkey Kong Country, to Chrono Trigger, and then all the way back to Genesis era Sonic. They even do highly recognizable level end jingles and quirky game specific sound effects, adding a high degree of authenticity to each cover track. The last few seconds of the video below should ring alarm bells for any and all Sonic fans (get to the bubble!).

The group is made up of a 4 piece line up, consisting of a keyboardist, drummer, plus bass and electric guitar. This configuration of instruments opens the possibility for covers of a wide range of selections, such as eclectic tunes from RPGs like Chrono Trigger.

By now, your interest should be piqued enough to warrant a few more videos. The Video Game Gods smile upon us today, because as luck would have it, I’ve found a 15 song playlist available on Youtube. That’s almost a full hour of stuff from these guys to enjoy!

Youtube Playlist

I tried searching for a site, or myspace page for these guys and unfortunately came up short. I found some page for an unrelated, French Disco-Tech band with the same name – Not really what I was looking for… I don’t think I could take enough drugs to make their stuff sound good.

H/T – Pressthebuttons

Pfft… what a groupie.


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