Brandish PSP In English! Meah, Why Not?

Yep, there is a chance, although, I’m really not to sure how many people would care. Brandish fan, Hatred, was curious enough to try messing with the language code in Brandish: The Dark Revenant, resulting in a few images displaying hacked, in-game English material for the Japanese only PSP release. This shouldn’t be taken as an official project announcement though. Rather, in minimalist fashion, someone is just showing that the possibility of fan-translating the game could very much, with enough attention, become a reality.

More info on Synchronicity – A Brandish Resource Site

Here’s to hoping other PSP games see the same attention – COUGH


One Response to “Brandish PSP In English! Meah, Why Not?”

  1. Suikoden 2 was just a port, not a remake. It sold poorly in Japan, thus why we neveg got that Suikoden 1 and 2 compilation.

    As for Brandish, come on atlus, bring this over here.

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