Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the file select

Game – Metroid Prime
Song – Menu Select
Artist – Kenji Yamamoto, assisted by Kouichi Kyuma

Kenji Yamamoto, assisted by Kouichi Kyuma, composed the music for Prime. The soundtrack contains remixes of tracks from previous games in the series, because Yamamoto wanted “to satisfy old Metroid fans. It’s like a present for them”.[33] The initial Tallon Overworld theme is a remix of Metroid’s Brinstar theme, the music in Magmoor Caverns is a remix of Super Metroid’s Lower Norfair area, and the music during the fight with Meta Ridley is a remix of the Ridley boss music first featured in Super Metroid, which has been remixed and featured in most Metroid games since. Tommy Tallarico Studios initially provided sound effects for the game,[34] though Shigeru Miyamoto thought they were not good enough yet for an extended presentation at SpaceWorld 2001.[35] The game supports Dolby Pro Logic II setups, which allows it to be played in surround sound.[36] There was an official soundtrack released for the game called Metroid Prime and Fusion Original Soundtracks which was supervised by Yamamoto himself.From the Wikipedia article

I’m a super dork for this series, having blown through each version multiple times, and in the process, gained an extreme fondness for the first title. I own 4 versions of the damn game… yes, it’s very stupid, odd, unorthodox, and totally unwarranted. As a fan, I couldn’t care though, as I’ve found enough merit to own each version that Nintendo has pumped out. The game’s best feature, incidentally dragging me back annually for more action, is the easily the musical score. Luckily, Metroid Prime seems to be one of the only games in the series to get a proper official OST release. It comes with a second disk of Fusion tracks too, making the slightly high price tag totally worth dipping into the bank for.

Buy the soundtrack here!

Buy the Trilogy Version on Ebay!

4 months till Metroid Other M!


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