Bored – Bored – Bored – It Is A Lazy Sunday Afterall

Not really much going on in Justin-Land today. Kind of farting around on AIM, chatting with friends, while slowly converting young Smithee, of Textual Intercourse, into a Zone of the Enders fan.

Hit me up on AIM to chat if you’re feeling bored too.


And for the Smithee… here is more propaganda for you:

Also had quite a few requests, or should I say inquiries, about a great program for printing new covers for games. I scour the used market quite a bit, finding all sorts of good deals, yet frequently coming up short in the quality department. This is why I print my own covers for stuff, appeasing an OCD-esque need for order on the game shelves.

I use a program called Cover XP. It has formats for all shapes and sizes of cases, such as Slim-DVD, CD jewel front-back-insert, and standard DVD cases.

It is also stupid easy to use, prints out dotted cut lines, and has a really efficient tendency to squish multiple covers on one sheet. I somewhat recommend using legal paper, as you get more covers per page.

Huh… once again I find myself out of stuff to do.
*stares at computer screen with lacking enthusiasm*


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