“That’s A Damn MiniGun!”

Click picture for the 9mm boolits. (Embedding disabled by request…god damn hippy)

Okay, that has to be one of the best bullet fire scenes, barring that even better one in Predator that seems to have little to no presence on Youtube (See: Mowing the jungle down), that has ever been filmed. I’ve got one problem, and I know, I know, it fits better with the movie this way, but not one death? You don’t even see a guy lose a leg, or at least take a mullet chop, let alone see some skin fry from the cars being blown up. I guess for the time it came out, and the city it took place in, it really wouldn’t have been a good idea to have California cops being blown away by their future ruler.

Ether way…. WTF Terminator!

I’ll be back – You knew it was coming.


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