Predators Trailer – “We’re being hunted”

~Please be good, please be good, please be good~

I love the first movie to pieces, putting it slightly behind T2 as my all time favorite action movie. The sequel wasn’t all that bad ether, especially considering it wasn’t the story we all wanted to watch. I mean, come on, we wanted more Arnie in the jungle, didn’t we?

Those 2 very crappy Alien VS Predator movies should never be spoken of again. Both films serve as an example of what happens when Fanboys are given the helm on a project they apparently, and I use the term lightly here, love.

So lets check off what we know from the trailer:

Big Guns – Check

Diverse group of hardened killers – Check

Takes place in a Jungle – Check

Involves the hunter/prey theme that the other movies had – Check

Tough people getting their asses handed to themselves by unseen assailant – Check

Looks really fudging awesome! – Check – but doesn’t apply because those… other 2 movies…. looked awesome.

Robert Rodriguez – Check… wait… Huh? Like Desperado Robert Rodriguez ?

Oh man… this movie is going to rock!

A cameo appearance was also written in the script for Arnold Schwarzenegger as his character Dutch from the first Predator film,[5] though ultimately he ended up not being involved.

~Please be good, please be good, please be good~

The projected release date for the film is set at July 9, 2010!

“You’re one, ugly mother fu~”


One Response to “Predators Trailer – “We’re being hunted””

  1. Don’t have high expectations for this one, that’s all i can say.

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