Photoshop – Beating Women Down Since 1990

This…. this…. this is just sad. I like to think I have a good eye for what features to look for in a woman, and it is NOT the picture perfect (heh, pun intended) magazine cover model. We’re so plastic as a society sometimes, or at least we seem to believe we are. I hate prissy, uptight, “perfect” girls, and I know most chicks hate superficial, meat-head type dudes. So, uh, why are magazines pumping this ideal into our heads? Why spend so much money, and place so much importance on the idea that perfection, sorry, unattainable perfection is the class norm?

The technological implications here are impressive. There is no arguing that. It’s just scary though, especially when you consider what is being sacrificed in the long run. Self image is a huge hurdle to overcome and deal with when growing up. Hell, I know adults that still have problems dealing with how they feel about themselves. The idea that the “perfect human” is, and should always be, the base comparison to how we all look is just plain wrong in my books. To quote Sinbad (haha, I know, not the best choice) from Jingle All The Way, “This a sick world we livin’ in. Sick!”

What’s next, guys injecting oil into their muscles to look cool?

Jesus H Crisco, I really need to shut my gob sometimes.

Three cheers for the O-Natural ladies!


4 Responses to “Photoshop – Beating Women Down Since 1990”

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  2. Those guys with the oil are not going to live long.

    As for the photoshop girls, that’s why i dislike pretty much every single model magazine/site, i’m tired of seeing butter-covered women that shine like a godamn light bulb.

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  4. Jason X Says:

    Is that the man who’s arms exploded? That was some funny stuff. I love all those body shows. The people on steroids, the ones with lymphedema, the anorexics, the bulimics…We’re all fucked up in one way or another, even the perfect ones.

    I’d say it’s better to err on the side of fitness than contentedness, though. It’s much easier to just not care and put no effort into looking nice, but we’ve all been to Wal Mart. We all know where that path leads.

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