Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the midnight… RESISTANCE!

Game – Midnight Resistance
Song – Main Theme
Artist – Hitoshi Sakimoto – I said he’d be here more than once!

The Sun strikes again – Thanks for the recommendation dude.

Year after year, quarter after quarter and I still suck balls at this game. Why do I keep coming back? The run-n-gun game play, and the rocking tunes; It’s really that simple. I didn’t know there was a Genesis version kicking around, which I’m somewhat interested in trying. I’ve only played the arcade version, which is probably better than the Genesis version, except the change in control input may fair better for how successful I am with the game. I don’t get, I can beat Contra SS without dieing, and yet this game hands my ass to me on a platter. Mastering this game, while very possible as seen below, is something I don’t think I’ll ever achieve. Well, at the very least, not while wasting my time on highly interactive BluRay movies parading around like epic RPGs (See: Final Fantasy 13), when I could be practicing my resistance skills. I guess I should man up… shouldn’t I.

Buy this laughably cheap game on the ‘bay.

She can run, but she’s got no gun!


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