Minis Can Be Awesome Too!

Monsters have (Probably) Stolen Your Princess! is PSP Mini title that is somewhat in the same vein as games like Go! Go! Cosmo Cops!, Ice Climber, Super Princess Peach (The pre-boss parts).

Taking charge as everyone’s favorite Dracula-Vampire-Dude archetype curiously named, The Duke, players find themselves chasing after the ultimate classic reward that any good video game can offer: A princess in distress. Incidentally, your woman has been kidnapped, probably, by monsters. The top man in the business of being scary isn’t taking this plight with his pants down though, as the entire game is spent chasing after who ever it is that snapped your “princess” (I can’t get over how awesome that is) away from you.

The game plays very quickly, and demands the easy to learn/hard to master precision that good platforming games require. The art style lends well to the games humorous, yet childishly “scaaaaary” theme, which is even more accentuated by the vibrant use of organ laden music tracks; Castlevania fans will be screaming out in glee. The game is $5 right now, and is a PSN exclusive.

Monsters have (Probably) Stolen Your Princess! Those fiendish and misshapen fools have (as far as we know) made off with your true love – and they haven’t even had the good grace to leave a shred of evidence to follow. Only sweeping accusations and devastating style can save her from the fate she will (possibly) face now!

Take control of the massively awesome and super sexy aristocratic demon known only as “The Duke” in an upwards-scrolling platformer where chasing down giant fleeing monsters is the business at hand. Build combos to unleash increasingly magnificent finishing moves on the (most likely) guilty monsters – and impress your adoring fans.

Available exclusively from the PSN store, MPSMP comes with a full story mode, 6 unique stages, awesome animated cutscenes and an incredible soundtrack the Duke himself would approve of. With 24 levels of monster pounding justice, this is (probably) the best deal ever.

Be sure to hit up the games main site, as there are character listings, screen shots, and videos of game play (3 more to be released soon).

H/T – The Waxing Sage for passing this on to me.

She’ll never get tired of jumping… probably (lol)


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