The Reason – The End

Below is a chat log I saved a while back. I was playing the new Lunar PSP game at the time, and came across a very interesting piece of dialog. Upon reading it, I lost all interest in completing the game. I am, or should I say was, one of the biggest “lunartards” around. I could sh*t Lunar if you asked me too, but no more. Game Arts, through Gung Ho, and then translated by XSeed has done a bang up job totally ruining what was once excusably archaic, yet awesome.

Justinzero: Welcum ta Meyrod, kids. I’m Ma Cunningham! (A very Jamaican name) Weer all familee heer!
Justinzero: I’m done
Justinzero: I can’t do this anymore
Justinzero: Shion, tell me how the rest goes
chevaliear eagle: kill it
chevaliear eagle: with fire?
Stephen: man up
Justinzero: oh
Justinzero: it gets worse
Justinzero: Bafore we settled heer, peepull had uh devil uv uh time crossin’ the river.

Did you read that! Why!?! Why XSeed!?! White people talking like Jamaicans? Give me a F_____G break!

Lets see how well this has worked in the past, shall we?



GOOF! (see morning WTF)


GOO— Wait, no, scratch that. J to the R-O-C kicks all sorts of ass.

I don’t get it… I mean…. why? I’m sorry, I may be the Arch-Nerd and an admired Lunartard, but this is where I draw the line.

I’m done – Game is shelved – Thanks for the pack in CD.

I hope and pray they don’t pull this crap with Eternal Blue. Just leave it alone. It’s done.

Out of respect for the series, I decided against reviewing it personally. It would have been scathing, filled with the hurtful truth, and nothing that bonehead otaku dorks would have liked hearing.

I never said I wouldn’t point you in the right direction though!

For a more in depth reason as to why Lunar PSP is epic fail, read here.

H/T – The Waxing Lunar Review


4 Responses to “The Reason – The End”

  1. Implaccable Duck Says:

    Hey. I read your blog sometimes and I felt like I had to comment because I’m actually playing Lunar right now. You know that the hick talk in Meryod is in the original SSSC, right? The only thing that I can tell that XSEED added was the “Cunningham” stuff (who is that???), the rest is all classic WD. I admit it kind of annoyed me back then too but it’s nothing new. Nall’s new voice though…now THAT is a problem. Ugh.

  2. Yeah, the overall localization was very much in the spirit of WD’s old stuff. Meryod was just the final straw for me. The other issues I have with the game were just as apparent on the Japanese version, which I spent quite a bit of time with.

    Trust me, I wanted it to be good, but I just couldn’t get into it.

    Thanks for reading my blog btw!

    PS – Nall’s new voice is terrible lol.

  3. Implaccable Duck Says:

    I like your blog. You post some funny stuff. Sorry I haven’t commented before. I’m a consumate lurker.

    So, for Lunar I was confused I guess then. I thought you were pissed at XSEED for translating it like that, but since it was the WD translation is it just because they left that in that you’re mad? I’m kinda on the fence myself. Part of me wanted a whole new translation (I mean, I’ve played the old one enough times anyway), but then part of me was like, if it ain’t broke… Overall I’m fine with it so far, but I do wish they’d gotten the old voices. I really wanted to like Nall’s too because his old voice sucked so bad (IMO) and at first the new voice sounded better but as it went on… Yeah. Anyway, I’m almost finished with it. I don’t regret buying it or anything but there are definitely some things I wish had been done differently. (Loading why???)

  4. Yes, I was kind of hoping XSeed would have cleaned that part up a bit. They cleaned up some other stuff, made the script a little more…. mature, if you want to use that word haha. My biggest problem with the game is, as you said, the loading. Constant, constant, constant loading. In rooms with nothing to search, in every mundane battle, and even before big spells. I know I’m not tired on the series too, as I just ran though Eternal Blue on Sega CD last summer. I really really enjoyed it still.

    I loved the music though, but that came in a pack in CD lol

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