New Model/Resin Swag

I’ve been sitting on these pics for quite a while now, and since today is somewhat of a slow day in Geek-Land, I figured now was a great time to dump off my recently acquired model kits.

This kit is a 1/72 scale model of the YF-19 from Macross Plus. I have been searching low and high for this baby for quite a while, even spending an overpriced amount of a crappy resin copy. Hasegawa released a new 1/48 version of this model last summer, oddly making the price, and availability of the 1/72 version very agreeable. I picked it up off Ebay at half of the price it was 2 years ago, and the seller still had numerous units to spare. Perhaps I just caught the right seller at the right time. Ether way, I am finally able to build a companion for my YF-21 kit that I finished last year.

Next up is a resin cast for the very recognizable, and succubus-like character Morrigan Aensland.

The kit looks pretty easy to put together, save for her gigantor sized chest area. I’ll have to use multiple paints and taping in that region, meaning I’ll have to spend days on an area I should be admiring rather than loathing. I guess I can get away with saying that I have a good excuse to stare at a nice pair of buzzongos.

The final kit – or should I say kits – is something I’ve been searching to buy for almost 5 years. Zone of the Enders is a great series, featuring futuristic battles on space colonies, a Kojima-esque presentation, and Mecha designs by Yoji Shinkawa. The series is all very “Gundam” leading one to believe that model kits from the series would be pretty simple to find, right? I can go on the internet and find kits for Virtual On, R-Type, or even Mushi Himesama with ease. You think, for the life of me, that I could find a Jehuty or Anubis kit? Nope. Not a one. And I looked. Apparently an official Jehuty kit was released in limited numbers, but was very expensive and hard to find. Anubis had a more common kit, but was again overpriced, and somewhat difficult to come by. I even found pictures of a Ken Marinaris resin cast, but par for the course, was unavailable for purchase AKA discontinued. As a modeler, and a fan of Zone of the Enders, this seeming lack of model availability was completely discerning.

Someone at HobbyFan must have felt the same way I did, because announced last year was a pair of non-scale Jehuty resin casts. I was quick to preorder both, as I knew these would probably disappear just as fast as the originals did. One problem though: I had to wait until more preorders were locked in before the factory would actually cast the kit. I’ve waited over one whole year, 365 days, one whole birthday cycle to get these damn kits in my house. They finally came though, driving me to finish my current project faster than I had planned. I’m hoping to blast one of these out by the end of the year, which means I’ll have to play through both PS2 games again for inspirational purposes. The best part about both of these kits is the inclusion of custom stands, which, as any modeler knows, is a huge plus. Making stands is a major pain, and usually involves pinning the kit at the lowest point possible. Jehuty has pointy “feet” which wouldn’t make for good entry points for 1/8″ thick plumbing wire.

Snag the YF 19 on Ebay.

There is one more Morrigan kit available on E2046

Jehuty is still available for 2nd round preorders on HobbyFan


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