Moar Free Game Tunes

“Life and marriage, life and marriage”

Chip Coalition Records released the second volume to its ongoing compilation series with a twist. Instead of creating unique 8 bit video game tunes in spirit, they’ve gone and remixed TV intro themes new and old. The album features remixes from Xmen TAS to Scrubs to Married With Children, creating a very diverse range of sounds to listen to. The album manages to catch the infectious nature that the original songs had, without sacrificing the minimalist sound most chiptunes are well known for.

Snag the album, along with Volume 1, free off the main site. Don’t forget to post some comments on what you think their expected 3rd volume should entail theme-wise.

Be sure to click the picture to snag the album!


2 Responses to “Moar Free Game Tunes”

  1. Actually- my friend is on that album! Pixyjunket lives really close to me- I managed to get photos from his first concert sometime ago, too.

  2. You’re buddies with Pixyjunket? I met him on ALoY ages ago, and I think he’s on my facebook too.

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