Deciding on the new Header

May hits in 5 days, bringing with it 3 stupid birthdays, my parents 25th anniversary, and a wedding. On top of that, I’ve got to change my header up as I do every month. This time I’ve decided to include Goobarian opinion in the final decision on what the banner should be. I wanted to go with ether Zone of the Enders, or Ghost in the Shell SAC. I’m kind of stuck on both really, and my Photoshop, who am I kidding, MS Paint skills aren’t 133t enough to make a decent combination of the two.

So valued reader, what should it be?

Zone of the Enders?


Ghost in the Shell SAC?

Voting can be done via the bottom of the sidebar. As of writing this post, the voting is tied! Cut off will be the last day of the month.

Thanks guys!


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