Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the Wild West

GameWild Arms
Song – Into the Wilderness
ArtistMichiko Naruke

Reflectively, Wild Arms isn’t really all that great of an RPG. It hasn’t aged all that well, and don’t really compare well when stacked against later Playstation releases in the same genre. The game came out at a great time though, as the only other PS RPG was less than spectacular (See: Beyond any means of sanity), and it seemed to answer to audiences clamoring for a 32 bit “3d Final Fantasy“.

Overlooking this gem would be a simple task, had the soundtrack not been so good. I attempted to play through the game a few years ago, even exploiting the item trick to speed up the process, yet found myself reluctant to plod on any further than the first few dungeons. The music though, remained fantastic, which meant my PS was left on for hours on end while the tracks looped. I did the smart thing last year by picking the official album up, saving my Playstation motor for better use.

Album composer, Michiko Naruke, has an extensive background with string instruments, which are used really well on the soundtrack. She manged to encapsulate a very western feel to an otherwise common Japanese RPG sound. The opening animation, which I’ve posted above, acts as a great example of this. Years later, and it is still a blast to listen to, not to mention, the animation has aged quite nicely.

Yee haw… desu!


One Response to “Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the Wild West”

  1. I like the first game, sure, not groundbreaking, but still well done. Then again, i’m a sucker for wild west/steam punk related stuff.

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