Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the Rieko Kodama

GameMagic Knight Rayearth
Song – Taflon by the Sea
Artist – Yayoi Wachi and Seiro Okamoto

This is one of the main town themes in the Rieko Kodama designed, Magic Knight Rayearth Sega Saturn game. Magic Knight Rayearth was my last Saturn purchase, oddly ended up as one of my favorite games for the platform. I first laid eyes on Magic Knight Rayearth in an issue of Gamefan way back in the 90’s, leaving a heavy impression, and leading me to become completely enthralled in anything to do with the game. I ended up getting both the English and Japanese releases, and after having finished both versions numerous times, I can safely say I feel it is easily one of my favorite video games. Granted, the title had its problems, and it wouldn’t really stack up all that well by today’s standards. The game hit me at the right place during the right time though, which many old fart gamefans should know, plays a huge roll in deciding which games have a lasting appeal. The music was absolutely fantastic, as was the 2d, Zelda-esque gameplay. Coupling these features with the Japanese anime overlay which was prevalent at the time, and we have the perfect mix of the type of game “90’s Justin” was into.

If you have this game, you already know what I’m talking about. If not, stop reading, head to ebay, and buy this game now!

Ahh hell, I know I don’t do this at all, but I can’t pass up on the opportunity to dump another track here. This next one is from one of the last dungeons, aptly named “Labyrinth in the Sky”.

Don’t have a Saturn? BUY ONE!

Buy the game on Ebay!

Did I mention how much I love this game?


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