The Bat-Signal Is Out Of Batteries Till 2011

A retail source has indicated that Warner Bros will delay Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 until next year.


News like this officially blows, especially because we’re talking about Batman here. To put it simply, I am a big, giant, super, arch-like Batman fan. Most kids in elementary wanted to go to the moon, put out fires, or save whales (Hippies!). Not me! Batman, I only wanted to be Batman. How could you not? I mean… look how cool he is:

Versus this sad excuse for a public servant:

Yeah, real hard decision to make.

News of the apparent delay stings even more thanks to the reasoning behind the decision. It isn’t because the developers are falling behind, or because the studio has hit hard financial times.

It’s because of Santa.

“We’ve been told that Warner has acted early to avoid releasing the game into a heavily congested pre-Christmas market,”

– Warner Bros. PR Dude

Yes, you read that right. The fat bastard of the North Pole works too hard around the holidays, creating an “unhealthy” market to release cool Batman games in. The publisher doesn’t want to compete with other Christmas releases, obviously in an understandable attempt to maximize profits. I’m an admitted fanboy though, so the rules of reality and logic seemingly apply to everyone else but me. Screw you Santa, this is all your fault! Not only do you oddly ignore kids in 3rd world countries, but now your festive efforts leave Batman fans needlessly waiting for the highly sought after follow up Arkham Asylum.


You won’t be smiling when you come to my house on December 25th, and find me fully ready to go Ebenezer Scrooge on your ass while wearing my Batman costume. Just you wait!

H/T – Edge Online

H/T – The Waxing Sage, who I guess I should thank for passing this “good news” my way.

bah humbug!


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