Friday’s “Girl” of Gaming

So guess what!?!

IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!

Friday’s “girl”, and I use the term lightly here, of gaming is none other than the infamous Poison from Final Fight. S/he is both extremely alluring, and repulsive all at the same time!

No, no, no, no – Not that Poison, although you get bonus points for the reference.

I felt that making Poison the Girl of Gaming this week was fitting, due to all of the Final Fight buzz lately. I blew through the second game twice last night with the Mexican Ninja, Carlos, and everyone’s favorite mayor, Haggar. I guess series fans don’t like it for some reason, apparently upset over the different characters. It’s not like they were all included in the first SNES game anyways, which I know many people popped their Final Fight cherry on. The new Final Fight PSN/XLBA port was released this week too, much to the acclaim of some, and the disappointment of others. There is a free soundtrack floating around too, which should be more than enough to please new and old fans alike.

This weekend is already shaping up to be a busy one. I’m still plugging away at FF13, Torchlight, and Front Mission, while farting around casually with Tatsunoko VS Capcom and Shao-Lin’s Road. I’ll dump my Wii friend code on here later for anyone wanting to kick my ass on TvC. (Should be you Josh!)

Oh, and, uh, just in case you don’t know who Poison is…

Have a great weekend Goobs!


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