Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the overworld

Song – Overworld (Official track is something else)
Artist – Miyoko Kobayashi and Masanori Hikichi

I had this blasting out of the car while on the way to the gym today. I know, I know, this isn’t exactly the kind of track one would use to pump themselves up before hitting the rocks. I am the Arch-Nerd though; I have to live up to my reputation!

Terranigma, for those who don’t know, is the 3rd game in the Heaven and Earth quadrilogy of Quintet developed games. It oddly never made it’s way to North America, sadly falling victim, along with hopes for a North American Dragon Quest V release, to the closure of Enix’s American branch. Oh well… at least we got Robotron…. at least. Europe got it though, meaning there is an English ready version floating around for those interested, although any vested intent to purchase should come with the understanding that the game is rare, and indeed very expensive. I ran though the game last year, and was every bit satisfied as when I first played Illusion of Gaia – An equally awesome title that anyone who is anyone should play through.

RPG overworld themes usually sound great, and serve as a main theme for the entire game. I guess having them makes you like the game more, or at the very least, draws your attention until a greater interest with the game can come into fruition. Terranigma’s does just that, plus, it makes for a great pre-work out theme. Well…. for me anyways.

Buy the game from the ‘bay! – Loose cart, PAL, $92 USD

I tried looking for the soundtrack, and unfortunately couldn’t find any legit outlets to post. Youtube the rest of the tunes if you’re interested.

I’m such a geek haha.


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