Snag a free copy of the new Final Fight OST

The original Arcade versions of Final Fight and Magic Sword saw release on XBLA and PSN last week. Fans were treated to a plethora of features, such as the ability to have friends drop in at any time, and various arcade bezel skins available to use during game play. The best feature, one that I feel almost warrants a purchase, is the remixed soundtrack, which has been released for free on Gamesetwatch.

Coupling the availability of the soundtrack with the odd lack of redrawn HD sprites (come on Capcom, even Street Figher had it done), leaves players with little reason to pick the new combo release up. Capcom did an HD-Filter job on the games, which I feel is more of requirement these days, than a feature. I just snagged the free album, enjoyed the cool trailers on youtube, and popped my Sega CD version of Final Fight in to burn off any residual nostalgic fumes.

Snag the album off Gamesetwatch here.

Rapidshare Mirror – Just in case

Ha! Now you can’t say I never did anything for you guys.


One Response to “Snag a free copy of the new Final Fight OST”

  1. […] released this week too, much to the acclaim of some, and the disappointment of others. There is a free soundtrack floating around too, which should be more than enough to please new and old fans […]

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