Overdue Video Game Soundtracks On The Way?

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The now famous RPG music composer, Hitoshi Sakimoto, had some interesting information to share on Twitter, specifically concerning future soundtrack releases of somewhat older material.

we are going to publish Opoona and 蒼穹紅蓮隊 OSTs in this year. plz wait for info on our website.

You heard it right from the producers mouth Goobs; The soundtrack to the ArtePiazza (ALERT: Dragon Quest Fans), Nintendo Wii RPG Opoona, is finally going to be published. Those who are already into Opoona’s soundtrack know that a broken rip has been floating around the internet, with a highly illusive 4th disk made up of remixes and arranged pieces from the original content.

While this news shouldn’t be taken as “ZOMG ITZ COMING!”, we can at least revel in the knowledge that somewhere in Japan, tucked away in some dingy office building, there are people that still care about Opoona’s music. I’ll keep my eyes out for any official news on the upcoming soundtrack. Until then, enjoy these music exerts from the game.

Oh, and if you haven’t played it yet, smack yourself, jump on Ebay, and snag a damn copy. I know, the thought of a RPG on Wii, let alone a good game, is a scary thought. Dogmatic impressions aside, the game isn’t all that bad.

Buy me on the ‘bay!

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Wait…. you think I’m done? Do you really think I’d forget to talk about what 蒼穹紅蓮隊 is?

Sakimoto also said that the soundtrack to Sokyugurentai is being worked on as well. A little late, considering the game came out almost almost 15 years ago. Oh well, better late then never I suppose. This being a SHMUP soundtrack, I have an odd feeling that we should expect a needless cost inflation on the sale price.

Keep up to date on Hitoshi Sakimoto here

H/T – Hitoshi Sakimoto Tweet

H/T – VGMDB.NET Message Board Post

It ain’t over till Chun Li says it’s over!


3 Responses to “Overdue Video Game Soundtracks On The Way?”

  1. Sakimoto is probably the only composer that still piques my interests these days. Didn’t realize he was involved with Opoona. Still not sure if I’d be willing to give the actual game a try, though. A lot of people say it’s an hidden gem, but with a name and art style like that…

  2. It’s…OK.

    Personally, I dig the presentation (I like quirky-looking games) but the actual game is just a bit above average and isn’t really something that you’d likely want to invest tens of hours into.

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