HA! And she says 2 minutes isn’t long enough

Final Fantasy Legend (SaGa) on Gameboy is to many gaming enthusiasts, including myself, an extremely long and archaic game, especially by today’s standards. I can fondly remember asking myself numerous times “Gee, I wonder if there is a way to just skip to the end,” while playing through it back in the early 90’s. An impossible feat in an RPG, let alone on one so stringent as SaGa 1. But what if there was a way? What if there was a technique (putting it lightly) that could be exploited that let you face the end boss right from the get go? A technique that allowed you to pass the whole game in its entirety in the amount of time it took to polish off a bowl of cereal. A technique so great, that it even lets you hammer, or should I say, carve into the end boss, bringing him to death in one hit. ONE HIT!!… on the end boss… in a “Final Fantasy” game!

Now that would be damn cool, impossible as it may seem.

Or is it? (SPOILERS for the end game)

Holy shitake mushrooms Batman!

W T F Japan! (It counts! The game is from Japan, and so is the dude exploiting the glitch. My logic is law here!)

Have a good day guys!


3 Responses to “HA! And she says 2 minutes isn’t long enough”

  1. I’m 99% positive that the entire SaGa franchise is a massive experiment to see just how gullible Square’s fanbase is.

    • Heh, they aren’t all that bad. I really enjoyed the Romancing SaGa games (3 FTW!), and the PS games were ok.

      • I couldn’t make heads or tails of either of the SaGa Frontier games. The Kamen Rider references were certainly over my head, but the “what the hell do I do now” gameplay was just too much.

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