Stage Clear!


Part 1 of 3 done, and done well! The tests went well and seemed easy enough – A sign my studying has paid off. The old bag at the payment counter forgot to give my ID back, which means I have to head back to the school tomorrow. That isn’t really a trip I’m interested in making, as stress related, or should I say family related, fatigue has set in.

Once again Goobarians, I apologize for the short updates lately. My post queue has grown substantially over the last few days, meaning I’ve got my work cut out for me come Friday.

On a more positive note, I came across somewhat of a hidden gem while casually browsing the over-picked shelves at EB. Chulip, a very odd Natsume published PS2 title, was stuck between a few copies of Call of Duty. It was like seeing a G-Funk-Hommie farming tea in mainland China; I had to jump at the chance to capitalize on this very rare find. The price rang up $15 brand new (BRAND NEW!!), instantly bringing more joy to this once in a lifetime situation. Whatever copy they brought out had obviously sat in the back for a few years. The EB dude had to wipe the dust off the back plastic so the UPC would scan. Contrast to my other EB visits, which usually entails the mind-numbing process of picking pre-orders up, I was able to find a diamond in the rough title at a really decent price. The whole process was as hilarious as it was unique, making this specific visit to EB one of the best I’ve had.

And on that note, I should head to bed.



2 Responses to “Stage Clear!”

  1. Interesting cover art on that game. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of it before. The picture looks kind of mysteriously inviting, though, like ICO.

  2. LMAO!

    It’s nothing like ICO man. Hahaha, that’s awesome. The game is really, really, really weird. It’s all about the kissing 😀

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