Mega Man 4 hits Virtual Console

Alert! Alert! The Russians are taking over. Dr. Cossack has mobilized an evil robot force to attack.

Should we send in the troops?

Should we send in the Nukes?

Should we send in the bags-o-pity money?


We’ll send in the little robot with blue underwear!

Only a few games today received announced availability on Nintendo’s download service, yet only one of them featured a hero saving the day wearing blue underwear. Mega Man 4 hit the VC today for 500 points, which is a price that is hardly worth arguing with. Mega Man 4 was, and still is my favorite entry in the long spanning series, mostly because of how the end turned out. It seems like it was just yesterday that my cousin and I kicked Dr. Cossacks ass, only to find out there were “4 MOAR LEVELS!?!” to contend with. Our flannel pajamas were soaked with adrenaline laden sweat by the time we passed the game. Everything in Mega Man 4 rocked: The charging buster, the high tempo tunes, and the perfect difficulty.

A year after the destruction of Gamma and Dr. Wily’s defeat at the hands of Mega Man, the world is still at peace. One day a mysterious letter arrives for Dr. Light from an unknown scientist named Dr. Mikhail Cossack. Dr, Cossack plans to eliminate Mega Man and prove himself to be the greatest robot designer of all time. It’s up to Mega Man to save the day once again. Mega Man 4 provides action based game play like the earlier games in the series. In Mega Man 4, Mega Man has the ability to charge up energy inside his Arm Cannon, allowing him to then fire larger and more damaging blasts.

– VC description.

H/T – Siliconera

Oh, and Pharaoh man is still a bitch.


One Response to “Mega Man 4 hits Virtual Console”

  1. AllenSmithee Says:

    Yo man, Pharoahman is the coolest. It’s where I get my email from, brother!

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