Front Mission Bait and Switch

Front Mission DS is wearing its welcome with me. The game demands too much time for a handheld title. I find myself playing the game at home mostly, which is dumb, seeing as I have giant TV screens to play video games on. Big fancy DSiXL screens aren’t enough to hold my attention anymore, which is why I switched to the Sufami version tonight.

The sound effects are ass. The graphics, comparatively, are ass. The menus, comparatively once again, are ass. Does this effect me though?

Not in the slightest bit.

I’ll take old 16 bit beeps and boops over a “32 bit redux soundtrack” any day.

“But Justin, don’t the old sprite designs look really archaic and crappy?”

Uh, well, yes, I suppose they do. That’s the point though! The magic is in its slightly aged novelty. Now this late night, sleep deprived, decision should be in no way taken as a sign that Front Mission sucks. In fact, the game is so good, I’m willing to restart the whole adventure without having tedious thoughts. The devil on my shoulder, who we all know is more trouble than he’s worth, thinks this is a good idea too.

The funny thing about this situation is that I can almost blame it all on my wife. Once again, her cleaning regimen has conflicted with my hobbies. She tidied up the living room earlier today, which, always to my dismay, entails my stuff being shoved into whatever readily accessible drawer she can find (See: shoving stuff into ready and willing orifice). Sunday had come to a close, and the night called an end to our weekend. She, as always, headed to bed far earlier than I had planned to go. This leaves me with some private time to delve into some video games without being disturbed or bothered; A great deal for both of us, as she gets to sleep peacefully, and I get to play video games in an almost meditative state.

Bitching and moaning earlier in the week about my over-abundance of current games on the go, has motivated to me crack hard at getting some of my games finished. I spent almost an entire day ripping through Torchlight, beating floor after floor, boss after boss, and still feeling like I hadn’t accomplished anything. Front Mission, as I mentioned before, wore thin on me, as I got sick of lugging the DSiXL around the house. I had Final Fantasy 13 left contend with. Truth be told, I’ve got some big mixed feelings on that game. Feelings of excitement, boredom, critical dismay, and total awe; Just like your first serious relationship, am I right? I don’t exactly rush into popping the game in, yet somehow, someway I end up enjoying myself while it silently hums in my PS3.

With the purposeful and very daunting task of restarting Front Mission ahead of me, I decided that now was a great time to run through a few hours of FF 13 time. One problem though: The wife “organized” it somewhere. I checked drawers, rooms, shelves, my pockets, and even looked behind the entertainment unit (dust city, let me tell you); Nowhere to be found. I lightly tapped my wife, trying to calmly and gently awaken her from sleep – Too much force could turn my sleeping beauty into a walking nightmare; Nowhere to be found. Almost ready to give up, and taking “comedic” scrutiny from friends online, I decided to check the one place I hadn’t: The Playstation 3 Console; Again, nowhere to be found!

So here I am, 1:40 in the morning, eyes starting to feel heavy, online buddies already in lala-land, and I haven’t put a single hour into Final Fantasy 13. So there you have it folks, it wasn’t my lacking motivation to play the game that created this situation, nor was it my immersion in far better material. No, it was the simple, innocent, thoughtful (according to the wife anyways) act of keeping things tidy that put me in this situation. I should have seen this coming, because she was in a great mood today. Wife in good mood = Wife in cleaning mood. Wife in cleaning mood = Justin in “WTF happened to my crap” mood.

I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Oh well, that’s really too bad. I was honestly hoping to spend more time with FF 13. No, really, I’m not kidding. I’m always this serious when I’m overtired.

I’ll never tell!


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