Supply and Demand: A need for 30 hour days

Responsibility rears its ugly head once again, dredging up painful instincts that had emerged from a time when my mother regularly drafted my cleaning services. Between upcoming tests at school, a more stringent exercise schedule, and the welcoming temperatures Calgary has had lately, I find I’ll have less time to bugger on here for the next few weeks. That’s not to say there won’t be daily updates, because there will be those on top of the normal bookends (WTF and Daily VGM Track). Just expect there to be a little less activity here than normal.

On that note, I’m going to kill Sunday off with the menial, and highly relaxing task of constructing my Gundam Unicorn MG kit, while sporadically paying attention to hours and hours of Coach – An evening tradition that the wife and I have together.

The weekend is always slim pickins for updates. Just in case you haven’t, be sure to catch up on what went down in the Goob Rolodex:

Waxing Erratic – Dredging up painful memories, and turning them into happy ones.

Pitch to Pixel – Profiles an old tune while putting a cute spin on the title.

Game Room Blitz – Jumps on the “Gamez is/isn’t Art” bandwagon by taking a swing at everyone’s favorite, and highly opinionated movie critic.

Endless History – Catch up on the latest XSeed/Falcom connection rumors. Her Twitter updates seem to be a little more recent.

The Wander – Calling an end to the “Gamez r Art” debate? He seems to have great reasons behind the notion (Ebert needs to play in his own backyard).

Kog’s Blog – The lead singer from Type O Negative is gonzo. Lament with Kog in his latest post.


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